28 Days, 28 Ways To Make 6 Figures With Natalie Tolhopf


No Need To Reinvent The Bloody Wheel! Incredible Women Have Gone Before Us & Have Left Clues....


I am your proof that with Consistent, Imperfect Action you can Increase Your Sales! But it's going to take Commitment & Fast Decision Taking.

Following up

92% of sales are made in the 9-12th follow up. When was the last time you followed up with your leads?

Repetitive messages

Find out what you stand for and then repeat the hell out of this to attract your clients.

How to create quickly

Creating content is easy. It is your mindset and over thinkingness that makes it hard. Time to conquer this!

Sales Activities

Time to actually do this!..So I created a checklist of ideas to do everyday. Stop overcomplicating what sales is! Do you want fries with that? 

Repurposing Content

You put your soul & courage into one post, one video...Don't stop there. I have a list of things you can do with all this amazing stuff!

Daily & Weekly Habits

Focus & consistency is one of the secrets to success. I have shared a few of my daily tools.  

Expand Your Tribe

There is no point in only posting on your FB page. You gotta be all over this stuff like a fly on SH%T!


Conquering Your Fear of Selling and OWNING Being a Sales Queen!

Fill Your Workshops

This is one area that is overlooked. There is SO much to think about so I have shared my checklist I have used to fill my spaces over and over!

How To Build Relationships That Convert Into Sales

This is one groovy way to really turn on your U.S.P

How To Write A Sales Page That Converts!

This can be so over thought and turned into a right bloody mess. When it can be done with so much confidence and fun!


This area in the online world can be really daunting. It doesn't have to be when you are flowing from your energy! Can't wait to show you this

How to use webinars

This is a wonderful tool to not only grow but sell your stuff. I give you my exact templates to use including FB posts!

The Energy and Alignment of Creating Content 

Step away from having to have a content plan and being so rigid you think fuck this!

Create And Sell Everyday

Learn that selling everyday is a good thing. Adding calls to actions become easy and a no brainer

Sales Funnels Made Easy

Stop overcomplicating how to sell and see that you already do have a existing funnels! Now to focus on the best ones.

This is just SOME of the mega freaking stuff that I am going to share! Don't be overwhelmed...It is designed for you to run with whatever reasonates at the time... Plus you have lifetime access to ALL of it!

Over 28 days of DAILY biz trainings, I’m going to teach you the stuff that I myself do ‘without thinking’ and is now so natural, I forget people don’t know! 

Time's up on the
Earlybird Access

The truth is there is a tonne of information out there. OVERWHELM and SELF BELIEF is the enemy.  

So, in my 6-Figure Sales Secrets, that’s what I want to share with you.  

Easy to listen to audios, live videos and worksheets. YES that includes some scripts and templates.  

But I don’t want you to become a cookie cutter...So it is about empowering you to create and action from within.  

I will be touching the surface on many of the topics because come on…Let’s face it...You are only spending $397 and 28 days...It is gunna take longer than that!  

I’ve been selling for 15 years now. I am a natural ( This isn’t me being a big noter...Because if you are one of my followers I know you are a dynamic...heart based, passionate creative...Who can hold a conversation..And THAT is selling.) AND I have also spent tens of thousands of dollars … and CRAZY hours … actively learning HOW to catapult my business.